Supine, Prone, Side Lying and Seated Positions [Clothed. No Lubricant Style]

inspiring 3.5 hours of 160 positions

The Vedic Massage Thai on the Table two disc dvd set is an inspiring 3.5 hours of 160 positions expertly demonstrated [the equivalent of a five day course].

A top rated and seasoned education resource for all interested in table applications in Vedic [Ayurvedic] style massage and yoga therapies presented by top rated Instructor Mukti Michael Buck, a nationally acclaimed leader and originator of the Thai Table style.

Mukti has initiated certifications to over twenty thousand students in nine countries.

No experience is required and the courses are open to all for both professional and lay interests. Thousands of satisfied students and enthusiasts savor the elegant theories and techniques embodied in this top most recommended educational dvd set. Learn dozens of applications for improving health and empowering emotions. Learn to easily remove mental torpidity and physical inertia. Using traditional procedures designed to access valuable marma/chakra bio vortices and meridian channels of careening energetics, Vedic Massage Thai Table has fulfilled on the promise of inspiring the soul and empowering the physical.

The music wafting through the entire 3.5 hours is crafted by a former sound engineer with Springsteen and Bonjovi ! How can anyone resist this perfect education embellishment ! Invest in your talent and education.

Course curriculum

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    • Supine Table Positions

    • Prone, Side Lying and Seated Positions on the Table

    • Vedic Massage Table 3 cecs